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About ERP - What is ERP ?

Just another IT industry acronym? Not quite. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning to give it its full name is the term used to describe the automation of core business functions, including production, accounting, distribution, supply chain and human resources. In other words, it's the use of technology to integrate the information from all your key business functions and smooth its flow around your organization.

Why should you be interested? A well-implemented and appropriate ERP system can create significant efficiencies across your business, resulting in timely business information, better customer relationships, a more cost-effective supply chain, improved internal process and, ultimately, increased profitability.

Think of the different systems across your business at the moment, whether manual or automated. A customer places an order. How often is this order entered into various systems in different departments; from finance to distribution to sales and marketing? Not only is this time consuming, but it also creates the opportunity for errors. Can your finance department quickly query the system in the warehouse to find out if the order has been dispatched and whether to raise an invoice? Can your marketing department rapidly identify those customers who have recently ordered specific product lines in order to better target direct marketing activities?

With an ERP system, the customer order information is entered once and then available throughout the business. Every department is better placed to carry out its task and you have clear and more timely information on which to base critical business decisions.

Choosing the right ERP system for your business needs is vital. The Microsoft Dynamics have been designed to deliver a fully-integrated suite of modules across all key business functions. The solutions can if necessary be tailored and customized to the specific need of any customer in any industry sector.

StarLight Solutions will help to deliver a tailored, optimal ERP solution best suited to your business environment.

About ERP - How to Choose ?

We often get asked which Microsoft Dynamics system is best for a company. There is no simple answer. Each business has unique requirement. We always prefer that you contact us for individual guidance.

As a general guide:

Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV is the cost-effective alternative to SAP, Oracle or PeopleSoft systems. It will cope up with the requirement of any large or highly complex environment.
Because your business is unique, we really need to know more about it before making any recommendations, please contact us if you would like to know more about the different ERP products.

Stretching your IT Budget
Through Microsoft we can help you to make the most of your IT budget by offering you financial planning - for hardware, services, software or all three. This helps you spread the cost over an extended period of time, thus preserving your precious cash resources.
Contact StarLight Solutions to find out more.

About ERP - Do You Need ERP ?

If you are a typical business, you¡¯ll have many different systems across your organization at the moment, manual and automated.
These systems are critical to the business and often they aren¡¯t linked. Think of all the things that must happen when a customer places an order. How often does it happen that an order information is entered into various systems at different departments? The more times it is re-typed or transformed, the more opportunities are there for error.

You may be thinking about your business performance, and have concerns like:

  • How quickly is an invoice raised following the dispatch of an order?
  • Are salaries and bonuses related to sales performance?
  • Are marketing activities targeted to responsive potential markets?
  • Are sales people monitored and measured in line with your business goals?

With an ERP system, all of these things (and many others) can be improved. Every department is better equipped to carry out key tasks; and with visibility across all processes you can obtain clear and timely information on which to base critical business decisions.

If you are convinced, but would like more information, read our Which ERP System? or just Contact us and we can tell you more.


About ERP - Which ERP To Choose ?

This section is designed to give you some pointers and to gather more information, but the selection and installation of an ERP system is not trivial, and the issues involved could be critical to the future of your company. Please do consult us before making any decision.

The following will be essential:

Avoid preconceptions
. You may have been told that ¡®only one system is right¡¯. That may be true, but you may incur substantial additional expense if you issue a request for tender on the basis of one product or system

Establish what you want to achieve. Targets, in terms of efficiency, cost-saving, manpower, or other factors help you to justify investment and help us to understand your priorities

Establish your goals. Your business goals will influence which system will cope with future requirements. (An Asian company with plans to expand into the US may face specific issues which some systems will not cope with easily, for example)

Trust your installation partner. You must trust the company you choose to work with to give you good advice. A quality supplier will help you meet budget targets and give you an informed view of options which may affect your performance later

Anticipate international issues. If you want to install your system across different geographies, you need to ensure that your supplier can support your presence in those countries

Please don¡¯t view this section as a substitute for proper consultancy, Contact us.


About ERP - Why Switch ?

Many Microsoft Dynamics™ customers are already enjoying the benefits of switching from ERP solutions such as SAP, Sage, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Baan and JD Edwards.  Here are four benefits you could enjoy by making the move to Microsoft Dynamics:

  1. Seamless integration
    Microsoft Dynamics seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, providing a familiar user experience for handling both structured (Microsoft Dynamics) and un-structured (Microsoft Office) data.

  2. Familiar look & feel
    The familiar Microsoft look and feel increases user adoption and reduces your training costs, employee down time and the time you have to spend training and assisting users.

  3. Comprehensive finance system
    The comprehensive finance module enables you to map your Chart of Accounts and dimensions into reporting structures that match your business model, or you can aggregate figures strategic analysis.

  4. Unmatched research & development investment
    Microsoft¡¯s unmatched investment in research and development makes Microsoft Dynamics the best business management system for your company now and in the future.

StarLight Solutions does ensure a smooth transition and better return on investment. StarLight Solutions has the expertise and experience to ensure a smooth transition from your existing ERP solution to Microsoft Dynamics, with minimal business disruption.

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Overall success and prosperity of an organization is really a hallmark of any growing business. ERP is a leading tool and mechanism which acts from the front as a catalyst to achieve the goal and success. Currently, being at the wrong end of the economy, companies are struggling to keep up with the growth pace. Again, ERP can be very supportive in doing away with this gloom and doom. SLS is always at the forefront in facing challenges and staving off the hardship which any company may face.